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In the Whakatane region, when it comes to reliable heating and cooling solutions, Dixon Electrical trusts Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps above all others. What sets them apart? Unlike most heat pumps that prioritise cooling, Mitsubishi Electric designs their units with heating as the primary focus. This thoughtful approach ensures optimal performance, especially tailored to meet the demands of New Zealand’s diverse climate.

Unrivalled Dependability

Trust is built on reliability, and Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps deliver just that. Engineered to withstand the rigours of New Zealand’s weather patterns, these units offer enduring performance, keeping homes in the Whakatane region cozy and comfortable year-round.

Leading Technological Innovation

At the forefront of heat pump technology, Mitsubishi Electric sets the standard with cutting-edge features. From energy-efficient advancements like the 3D i-See Sensor and Dual Barrier Coating to the revolutionary Plasma Quad Air Filtration system, which effectively eliminates airborne pollutants, Mitsubishi Electric is committed to enhancing comfort, ensuring superior air quality, and maximising energy efficiency for your home.

Whisper-quiet operation

Say goodbye to disruptive noise with Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps. With indoor units starting from just 18dBA*, their high wall and floor consoles set the benchmark for quietness. Because at Dixon Electrical, we believe you should feel the warmth, not hear it.

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